Saturday, May 10, 2003

I see there is a few minutes left in this day...or was when I started this blog.

Got home from work. PC still on. I'm still on-line. So why not tap out a few lines.

Missed a nice hello from a couple of buddies. Sorry.
Carried the girls in to their beds. One more night on swing this week I think. Uugh! Who wants to think at this time of night...reminescent of the old days when the party was just getting started around 10 or 11pm.(hehheh) My children were an exceptional trade in :)

A co-worker stopped by work this eve to let me know that the play I missed, put on by highschool kids, was pretty good. Thinking...thinking...thinking...I don't remember the name of it. Was one of the classics though. I'm sorry. My bad. It's on again tomorrow night at 7pm. Maybe I can get someone to fill in for me a couple hours while I take the girls. I'll let you know. I promise either way to get the name. (heh)

Earlier today I got the luxury of crawling through my attic. While it was 68 degrees outside, which by the way is particularly warm for SE Alaska, it must have been closer to 88 up there. I was looking to see exactly how my bathroom vent was installed. It was a bit reluctant to come down. Needs to be replaced. Was thoroughly happy afterwards, taking a semi-cold shower to rinse the fiberglass off and head to work with the windows down on my Ford Explorer, A lovely skyblue. Hey, I got it off the used lot! (shrugz) I am used to the teasing by the guyz at work your small snickers just roll off my back. (hehe)

(LOL) More thinking. I am definitely the family dude now. Traded in the two seater sporty convertible for an SUV. While there is no top to remove I still roll the windows down and blast the tunes. Song selected? Robbie Williams "Feel". How's that for a hip to be square dad? (Shrugz) Oh well. Whatever. It still blows my hair back.

And so as you think of your more nostalgic moments (Hopefully you're just as out of touch as I am) I bid you a radical evening. I, on the other hand, am off to dreamland. Good night :)

Friday, May 09, 2003

WOW! Didn't mean to be gone sooo long. And no I wasn't in a coma. Although it would explain why I haven't written in here, for how long?A decacade? I almost forgot this was here. And I definitely forgot my username and password. I hope I publish words more often this go around. But I doubt it. It's the nature of the beast.

Let's see...
I tried an internet relationship. It was awesome. But those ridiculous things I say that always drive people away was said, and I regret having lost someone sooo special.

Low Self-Esteem has been my problem for years. External elements played a role in wrecking my self-esteem. It wasn't until recently have I admitted that I have low-self esteem.

My head is getting mixed up and dizzy. So I am just gonna stop for now. Talk at ya later